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Add captions to a recorded event

Captioning provided during a Live event is not included in the event replay. To add captions to a replay or to an On-Demand or Simulated Live event, you need a timed caption file in VTT (WebVTT) format. A timed caption file contains the text of what is said in the recording, plus time codes for when each line of text should be displayed.

Note: To learn about real-time captioning for Live events, see Add live captioning to an event.

You can offer captions for your event in different languages; just upload a separate timed caption file for each language you want to provide. Captions are displayed in the video player above the player controls. You can display them automatically or allow attendees to turn them on as needed. Attendees can turn captions off at any time.

You can submit a request for caption files for an event or ask your captioning provider for compatible files. Once you receive the files, turn on Closed Captions for the event and upload them.


  • Only VTT files are supported. If you previously uploaded an XML timed caption file, those captions will work, but you cannot upload additional caption files while you have an XML file loaded. If you remove the XML caption file - to replace it - only VTT files will be accepted.
  • Captions are timed with the event audio. If you edit an event recording after receiving caption files, the captions will be out of sync. You must request new caption files.

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Request captioning services

We can provide a timed caption file for your event. If you edited your event recording after requesting captions, you must request a new caption file.

To request replay captions:

Add replay captions

You can upload one or more VTT files.

To add replay captions to an event:

  1. Go to the Event Content tab.
  2. Under Optional Content, expand the Add Closed Captions section and click Upload Captions.image.png
  3. Click Choose File and select the caption file. Select the language for captions using the Choose Language dropdown. Then click Upload.captions2.png
  4. A message displays to let you know the captions were successfully uploaded. Click Ok to close the message.
  5. Once a file is uploaded, use the Display Language field to select the display name the audience will see.image-1665602917665.png
  6. If you have caption files in additional languages, upload them.
  7. Optional. To automatically display captions to the audience, select the Default button then next to the language you want to display.
  8. Click Save and Continue.

Preview your work

You should always preview your captions and make sure they are timed correctly with the event audio.

To test captioning for your event:

  1. Go to the Event Summary tab and under Review My Event, click View Event.
  2. Register for the event to view it as an attendee.
  3. In the event window, point to the video player, click the Captions button and select a language. If you selected Show captions by default, captions automatically display in the language you selected..