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Auto-fields for emails

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On the Emails & Marketing tab, you can enable confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails for an event. By default, the emails include the event title, the event date and time, duration, and the event link. The system uses auto-fields - that is, placeholders or variables - to pull in these specific details. The benefit of auto-fields is that they automatically update when you make any changes to your event title or scheduling on the Event Settings tab.

Note: For attendee portals, the registration confirmation email includes the portal URL.

To customize the information in an email, go to the Email & Marketing tab, select the type of email to enable, and then select Send My Custom Message. Available auto-fields are listed below the text editor.

Auto-field Reference

The format of an auto-field is __AUTOFIELD__ (the auto-field in ALL CAPS with two underscores before and after).

The following table explains the available auto-fields and the text they display.

Auto-field Description
__TITLE__ Event title
__DATE__ Scheduled date
__TIME__ Scheduled time
__DURATION__ For Live events. The scheduled duration of the event
__EVENTPASSWORD__ Registration and login password (if enabled)
__GOOGLEREMINDERBUTTON__ Add to Calendar button. Creates a new event in Google Calendar.
__GOOGLEREMINDER__ The URL of the Google calendar reminder. Creates a new event in Google Calendar.

Add to Calendar button. Downloads an ICS file with event details.

ICS files are a universal calendar format that can be read by Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, and Apple Calendar.

__REMINDER__ The URL of the ICS calendar reminder. Downloads an ICS file with event details.
__REMINDERBUTTON1__ Add to Calendar button for the first custom calendar reminder
__REMINDER1__ The URL of the first custom calendar reminder. Downloads an ICS with event details
__UNSUBSCRIBEBUTTON__ An HTML link that says Unsubscribe. Opens a confirmation page for the recipient to unsubscribe from emails.
__UNSUBSCRIBE__ The full URL behind the Unsubscribe link

Registrant Auto-fields

You can personalize emails by including details captured when an attendee registers for an event or portal. Make sure the fields you want to use are required on the registration form. You can include any of these standard registration fields.

  • __TITLE__
  • __FNAME__
  • __LNAME__
  • __COMPANY__
  • __ADDRESS1__
  • __ADDRESS2__
  • __CITY__
  • __STATE__
  • __COUNTRY__
  • __PHONE__
  • __MOBILE__
  • __FAX__