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Add custom questions to a registration form

In addition to standard registration questions, you can add custom questions to the registration form and choose how registrants will answer each question. Registrants can either type their answers in an open text field or select from pre-defined answers that you set up. For more information, see Answer Types later in this article.

To add a custom registration question:

  1. On the left panel, click the Registration tab.
  2. Scroll to Custom Registration Questions and click Add New Custom Question.

    Custom Registration Questions section with Add New Custom Question button

  3. In the New Custom Registration Question section, enter the question (or field label), the type of question (will the registrant type their answer or select from defined answers?), and the column name to identify the question in reports.

    New Custom Registration Question section shows the Question Text, Answer Type, Report Column Title, and Answers

  4. If you selected Drop Down List, Checkboxes, or Radio buttons as the Answer Type, enter the answers to the question and click + Add.
  5. Click Save Question. The new question is listed under Custom Registration Questions.
  6. Optional. Select Require to require registrants to answer the question to register.

    Custom question added with the Require option selected

  7. Repeat steps 3 to 7 to add more questions.
  8. Click Save and Continue to save changes to the registration form.

You can edit or delete the custom questions at any time.

Answer Types

For each question, decide whether the registrant will type their answer or select from pre-defined answers. The following table explains options and recommended use.

Answer Type Used for
Open Text Field Open-ended questions that require a short answer
Open Text Area Open-ended questions that require a longer answer
Drop Down List and
Radio Buttons
Multiple-choice questions where only one answer can be selected. A drop down list hides the answers (registrants click to display options); radio buttons show all the answers.
Checkboxes Multiple-choice questions where multiple answers can be selected
Single Checkbox Questions where only one answer can be selected or for disclaimers or statements that need to be acknowledged