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Plan your event before booking

Use this article to review event options and make sure you have everything you need before creating the event.

Scheduling basics

Before you create your event, have this basic information ready:

  • Your login. This automatically links your event to your name and company.
  • Schedule. This is the date and time of your event and how long the event will last.
  • Attendees. The number of attendees that will be joining the event.
  • Presenters. The people who will present during the event. If you request event management services, you also need to specify which presenter goes first so the event producer or emcee can introduce them.
  • Event type. Will you broadcast Live or pre-record the event and make it available On-Demand or broadcast it at a scheduled date and time (Simulated Live)?
  • Will presenters broadcast over the phone or on-camera? You can broadcast an audio-only (telephone or VoIP) or video event (webcam, encoder, video bridge).

About your event

Think about your audience, what you'll be presenting, and which features you want to use:

  • Headshots. Display presenter headshots during an audio-only event.
  • Slides. Add one or more PowerPoint slide decks. more »
  • Pre-recorded videos. Add video clips and play them in an overlay window or in the video player. more »
  • Screen share. Share your screen, an application window, or a browser tab.
  • Surveys. Add in-event or post-event surveys for attendees to complete. more »
  • Certification exams. Add graded surveys to the event and automatically send PDF certificates by email to attendees who pass the exam. more »
  • Chat. Chat with your audience or presenters only.
  • Downloadable resources. Add event files for download or links for the audience to access.
  • Captions. Add your own captions to a recorded event. more »
  • Generated transcript. Automatically generate an event transcript once the event ends and make it available to the audience for download or as captions.

Personalize your event

How do you want to customize your event? You can change the:

  • Registration form. Add and sort the information you want to capture from attendees. more »
  • Registration page and webcast player. Change the logos, colors, and page layouts. more »
  • Portal. Add multiple events to a single registration page. more »
  • Social media tools. Add social media links to let attendees share the event and Youtube videos to the registration page and add a Twitter feed to the webcast player.
  • Event emails. Customize the content in event confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails.

Professional services and add-ons

Will you need additional professional services or event add-ons? You can request:

  • Additional participants. Increase the capacity of the event.
  • Audience listen by phone. Let attendees dial in to listen to the event on their phone.
  • Event management. Have an event production manager book your event and provide training, best practices, and in-event assistance. more »
  • Audio or video emcee. Have an emcee host your event. Available for video bridge events only.
  • Transcription and transcription translation. Receive a professionally written copy of the event in multiple languages.
  • Live captions. Have a professional provide real-time captions during your Live event. more »
  • Presenter training. Provide additional training for new presenters.

For more information about how to book professional services, see Get assistance setting up and running your event.