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Survey and Certification FAQs

This article covers frequently asked questions about surveys and certification. Unless otherwise noted, the answers apply to Webcast account holders (moderators) who schedule, run, and manage events.

What are the different types of surveys?

There are several types of surveys:

  • Attendance – one question with a single button response. For example, “Are you watching?” [Yes]
  • In-event – one to 10 questions with open text answers or answers you specify (check boxes, radio buttons, etc.)
  • Post-event – displayed automatically when the event ends

To set up a survey, go to the Event Content tab and under Add Survey click Manage Surveys.

How many surveys can I create?

You can create as many in-event and attendance surveys as you like. You can only create one post-event survey per event.

How many questions can I include in a survey?

For in-event surveys, you can include up to 10 questions. For attendance surveys, you can only include one question. For post-event surveys, you can include up to 75 questions.

Can I create a poll?

Yes. A poll is just a one-question survey. To poll your audience, create an in-event survey with a single question.

Can I create or edit surveys during an event?

Yes. If you set up surveys when scheduling your event, you can create new surveys and edit existing surveys in the Live Studio in the Surveys tab. To create or edit surveys, go to the Surveys tab and click Manage Surveys.

For how long does a survey display to attendees?

In-event surveys display until the attendee responds or closes the survey, attendance surveys are set to automatically close after 15 seconds, and the post-event survey displays until the attendee responds or closes the event window.

When setting up in-event and attendance surveys, you can change the amount of time a survey displays before it closes. You can also prevent in-event surveys from closing automatically.

Can I display the survey results to the audience?

Yes. You can display in-event survey results to the audience after sharing a survey. Once the audience has sent their answers, click Send Results to Audience.

You can also automatically display the survey results. When setting up in-event surveys, select Display results after user submits survey, select whether to present the results as a bar graph or pie chart, and enter the number of seconds attendees wait before the results display. You can’t share the survey results for attendance or post-event surveys.

Can I remove surveys or results from the audience?

Yes. After you send an in-event survey, you can stop displaying the survey and the results from the audience in the Live Studio above the results preview. To remove a survey, click End Survey. To remove results, click End Results.

What are certification exams?

Certification exams let you evaluate your attendees and send them a PDF certificate of completion by email for either answering survey questions correctly or for their timed attendance. If you plan to grade an in-event or post-event survey, when you add the questions also enter the correct answers.

You define the “passing grade”; for:

  • Exam questions – set the minimum percentage of correct answers needed or the minimum number of attendance surveys answered, or both.
  • Duration-based certification – set the required viewing time, and optionally, the minimum number of in-event surveys answered.

To set up certification, on the Event Content tab under Add Survey, click Manage Surveys. Then, at the top of the surveys window choose the certification method to use: Exam Questions or Viewing Duration and click Certification Settings. You can use the default certificate template or include your own custom certificate. Certificates are limited to 100 MB in size.

What is duration-based certification?

Duration-based certification is available for Live events only. With duration-based certification, attendees receive a PDF certificate of completion for attending a minimum number of minutes of the Live event and optionally for answering a minimum number of in-event surveys.

How do I share an attendance survey or in-event survey with the audience?

You can share in-event surveys at any time during the Live event. To share a survey, go to the Surveys tab. On the left of the tab, click the title of the survey you want to share and then click Send Survey to Audience. When finished, click End Survey.

How do I share the post-event survey with the audience?

The post-event survey automatically displays to attendees when they exit the event. You don’t manually share it with the audience.

You can hide the post-event survey from attendees who leave early. Edit the event and on the Event Content tab, scroll to the Add Survey section. Next to the post-event survey, select Do not show Post-Event Survey to viewers who exit the event early.

How do I know if my post-event survey is scheduled to send?

At the top of the Live Studio, the Post-event survey status displays a green Enabled when it is set to send. If the Post-event survey status is Disabled, the survey won’t automatically send.

Can I hide the post-event survey?

Yes. During the event you can disable sending the post-event survey. Go to the Webcast Admin portal and edit the event. On the Event Content tab, scroll to the Add Survey section and set the post-event survey to Off. At the top of the Live Studio, the Post-event survey status changes to Disabled.