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Request upgrades to your account (Essential, Professional, and Enterprise plans)

If you purchased a Professional or Enterprise license, you can add optional features to your account. These add-ons are available to all events you and your team create. Add-ons are not available for Essential plans; you must upgrade your plan to request them.

You can request:

  • Simulated Live as an additional event type to broadcast pre-recorded events at a scheduled date and time 
  • Certification based on view time to provide viewers with a certificate for watching the Live event
  • Advanced Video Broadcasting to use your own video conferencing unit or encoder
  • Virtual Environments to allow viewers to register and join multiple events from a single registration page and provide an interactive and customizable event lobby
  • AI-generated keywords for easy replay navigation
  • Marketing and customer relationship management integrations

For detailed information about each option, click the info button on the Professional Services Request site form or check the webcast feature summary.

Before you begin

Make a note of the client ID found in your welcome email.

To request plan upgrades:

  1. Go to the Professional Services Request site and under Package Updates, click Request Now.

    Professional Services Request site shows the Package Updates section

  2. On the Package Updates page, in the Team Manager section, enter the name, email, and company of the person who manages the logins for the account, and the client ID for the account.
  3. In the Package Add-Ons section, select the features you want to add to your plan.
  4. In the Additional Comments box, enter any special instructions or questions you have and click Submit.

After you submit your request, we will contact you to confirm your plan upgrade details.