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PowerPoint FAQs

This article covers frequently asked questions about slides. Unless otherwise noted, the answers apply to Webcast account holders (moderators) who schedule, run, and manage events.

What are the  requirements for uploading  slides?

Each slide deck can be up to 500 MB and must be in PPT or PPTX format.

Text must be at least 28 points to be visible to the audience.

Make sure the aspect ratio of your slides matches the aspect ratio of the video player size you selected - either Standard (4:3) or Widescreen (16:9). In PowerPoint, select Page Layout or on the Design tab select Slide Size.

Which fonts are supported?

We support all native Windows fonts (Windows font list) and macOS built-in fonts (font lists for macOS Catalina and macOS Big Sur). In total, we support over 1500 different font families. If you don’t see the font you’d like to use in these font lists, we probably already support it or can add the custom font for you. Contact Support for assistance.

To use a custom font, provide the font files in .otf or .ttf format. If you’re using custom fonts, preview your slides in the Live Studio before the event to make sure they display properly.

Note: Embedded fonts are not supported. Before you upload a slide deck, you must remove them. For more information, see Remove embedded fonts from slides.

Are animations and transitions supported?

Most PowerPoint animations and transitions are supported with some exceptions.

These animations are not supported:

  • Timed animations. All animations must be set to On Mouse Click.
  • Entrance effects: Dissolve in, Fly in
  • Emphasis effects: Bold Flash, Underline, Grow with Color, Style Emphasis

These transitions are not supported:

  • Box
  • Cube
  • Doors
  • Morph
  • Page Curl
  • Ripple

Can I upload more than one slide deck to the event?

Yes. You can upload and present as many slide decks as you like.

Can I upload non-PowerPoint slides?

No. However, you can convert slide decks to PPT or PPTX format and upload them.

Can I include audio or video clips in my  slide  deck?

No. Audio and video clips in slides interfere with the audio you broadcast during the event and make it difficult for the audience to hear you. Instead, upload your video clips as overlay videos.

What is the "Process as Images (No animations)" option?

If you experience formatting issues when previewing your slides, you can re-upload your slides and process them as static images. All animations are removed from the slide deck.

If you’re a moderator, edit the event and go to the Event Content tab. If you’re a presenter, sign in to the Guest Admin site and click Edit Event Content. Under PowerPoint Decks, click Upload New Slide Deck from My Computer. Select Process as Images (No animations) and then click Upload.

How do I know when my slides have been uploaded?

After you upload your slide deck, you must wait for the file to be uploaded and processed by our system before you can preview or present them. Once the slides are ready to present, you receive an email to let you know the slide deck has been processed.

If I remove a slide from the On-Demand event, is it deleted permanently?

No. The original slide is available in the On-Demand Studio in your Slide Library.

Where do I preview my slides?

You can preview your slides as a presenter in the Live Studio on the Slides tab any time before the event.

How do I advance slides during the event?

There are multiple ways you can advance slides. On the Slides tab:

  • Select individual slide thumbnails to open that slide
  • Click Previous and Next above the slides
  • Open full-screen view and click the left and right arrows next to the slides
  • Press the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard

The title of the slide you’re presenting displays above your slide.

How do I present another slide deck?

To present a different slide deck, in the Live Studio, open the Slides tab and under Manage Slides, click the name and the first slide thumbnail of the slide deck you want to present.

Can I see  the notes while presenting slides?

No, the Live Studio does not support notes in slide decks. We recommend opening your slide deck locally or printing it using Notes layout.

Can the audience see my cursor while I'm presenting slides?

No. When creating the slide deck, use animations to highlight points in a slide.

Can I allow attendees to download slides?

When uploading a slide deck, you can convert it to PDF and allow attendees to view and download a copy. This creates a PDF version of the slide deck and adds it to the Event Resources section in the event window. Attendees can download the slides any time before or during the event from the event window in the Event Resources section.

If you’re a moderator, edit the event and go to the Event Content tab. If you’re a presenter, sign in to the Guest Admin site and click Edit Event Content. Under PowerPoint Decks, click Upload New Slide Deck from My Computer. Select Create PDF and Make Shareable and then click Upload.

To prevent attendees from sharing the download link outside the event, click Edit Access and select Make Secure.

Can I allow attendees to flip through slides?

Yes. If your event has just one slide deck, you can allow attendees to flip through the slides at their own pace. Edit the event and go to the Player & Branding tab. Under Slides, select Allow Viewers to Control Slides.