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Webcam Events - Message stating "Access to your webcam is required to continue"

This message indicates that the computer’s video and audio sources are already in use or access is blocked.  Please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  • You should see a prompt in the browser asking if you would like to use your webcam/microphone. Click Yes when prompted.
  • Close any programs and other browsers that could be using your webcam and make sure none of these programs are running in the background.
  • Check your browser’s settings to make sure the browser can connect to your webcam and microphone.
    • For Chrome:
      • At the top right, click Settings (three vertical dots).
      • In the "Privacy and Security" section, click "Site settings".
      • Under the "Camera" or "Microphone" options, select "Ask before accessing".
      • To remove permissions you already granted/blocked to sites, click on the Camera or Microphone option. Make sure there are no “” URLs listed as “Blocked”.
    • For Firefox:
      • Click on the Show Site Information button (top left of the browser next to the URL).
      • Click on the arrow button next to the “” name.
      • Click More Information.
      • On the Permissions tab, make sure the Use the Camera and Use the Microphone options are set to Use Default or Allow.
    • For Microsoft Edge:
      • At the top right, click Settings (three horizontal dots).
      • Click on the Menu button in the top left (three horizontal lines).
      • Select Site Permissions in the list.
      • Under "Camera" or "Microphone," make sure they are set to Ask First.
      • To remove permissions you already granted/blocked to sites, click the Camera" or "Microphone" option.  Make sure there are no “” URLs listed as “Blocked” in the Managed exceptions section. 
    • Internet Explorer is not supported for use with the Video Bridge as the Video Bridge requires your browser to support HTML5.
  • Ensure your Operating System is not blocking access to your Camera or Microphone.

If you continue to have issues, your network may be blocking access to your webcam. Please make sure you meet the network requirements.