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Telephone Events - Speaker Can't Connect

Connecting using Phone Audio

If you would like to connect to the Presenter Bridge using your telephone, select the Phone Audio tab in the Presenter Bridge section. The system should display a local dial-in number and Passcode for the presenter. Presenters can use the dropdown to select another country number as desired.

Phone Bridge section shows Phone Audio tab and dial-in details

If you have issues connecting to the Presenter Bridge:

  • Double-check the Presenter Bridge number and passcode to ensure you are using the correct information.
  • Make sure your phone does not have any calling restrictions (ex. dial 9 to make an external call).
  • Try to connect using another phone if possible.
  • Switch to a VoIP connection if the issue persists.

Connecting using Computer Audio (VoIP)

If you would like to connect to the Presenter Bridge using computer audio (VoIP), select the Computer Audio tab in the Presenter Bridge section. The system will display a Microphone and Speaker dropdown to allow you to select the sources that will be used.

Phone Bridge section shows Computer Audio tab and camera and microphone selected

The audio from the selected Microphone will be registered with a blue bar directly below the Microphone dropdown. Click Test next to the Speaker dropdown to test the audio playback. Once your Microphone and Speaker have been tested, click Join to connect to the Presenter Bridge

If you have issues connecting to the Presenter Bridge:

  • Make sure a valid Microphone and Speaker have been selected in the setup. Choose a new source and re-join the bridge.
  • If you are using a corporate network or connected to a VPN, this may introduce network restrictions that prevent you from connecting.
    • If you are using a VPN, disconnect from the VPN and try again.
    • If you are using a corporate network, refer to the network requirements. Your IT team may need to make updates on your network to allow you to connect.
  • If you have issues staying connected to the Presenter Bridge, check your internet connection. Computer Audio (VoIP) relies on your internet connection to deliver the audio to/from the Presenter Bridge. Any issues with your internet connection will impact your connection to the Presenter Bridge.