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What types of reports can I get on my event

There are two types of reports that you can run on your events: an Audience Details report and an Event Analytics report. For both reports, you can include or exclude many pieces of data.

Audience Details report

Run an Audience Details report for a user-level breakdown of your attendees' interactions. You can include:

  • Registration Data for the information attendees submitted during registration including standard and custom registration questions and Campaign Source Tracking IDs.
  • Q&A Question for a table of attendee questions and the answers submitted by presenters. Each row represents a unique attendee (questioners are anonymous).
  • Survey Data/CE Results for the in-event and post-event survey responses, certification exam results, and the certificate link.
  • Usage for the number of registrants, viewing sessions, no shows, duration of views, the referrer, and log-in and log-out times for viewing sessions (session breakouts) for the event and replays.

Event Analytics report

Run an Event Analytics report to view broader, event-level data. You can select:

  • Usage for the total number of registrants and total duration of views for the event and replays.
  • Campaign Source Tracking Report for the number and percentage of attendees that joined from Campaign URLs
  • Locations for the number and percentage of countries attendees joined the event from.
  • Click Tracking for the event resources (files and links) download details, including the total number of times and the percentage event resources were downloaded, individual attendee registration information, the files each attendee downloaded, and the date and time the file was downloaded.
  • Media Report for the media type, device type, browser, and operating system viewers used to access the event.
  • Survey Summary for a list of survey questions, the total number of responses and unique respondents, and the percentage of responses for each survey answer.
  • Q&A Summary for the attendee registration information, the questions each attendee submitted, the answer, the answer status, and the date and time the question was submitted.
  • CE Details for each viewer's certification exam results by viewer.
  • Duration Based CE Details for each viewer's duration-based certification exam results.
  • Audio Bridge Call Usage for a summary of presenter and audience member phone numbers, minutes, and locations.