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Request live captioning and professional transcription services

Request professional captioning and transcription services for any event. You can request:

  • Real-time captions that display to the audience during the Live event
  • Timed captions as an VTT file that you can add to your event replay or to an On-Demand or Simulated Live event
  • A professionally written transcript of the event in the original event language
  • A professionally translated version of the original event transcript
  • Professionally translated versions of the original timed caption file in up to three languages

By default, captions and transcripts are provided in the original event language.

Note: Live captions do not display in the event replay or the event recording. To include captions in the replay and recording, request a timed caption file (on-demand or post-event captions) for uploading to the replay.

Before you begin

You must create and schedule your event before requesting captioning or transcription services. Make a note of the client ID found in your welcome email and the event ID found in your new webcast confirmation email. You will also need to know the event type, the telephone or video broadcast type, and the estimated participants you scheduled for the event to complete your request.

Ordering notes

  • Request live captions at least 5 business days before the event and request transcripts and translated transcripts at least 2 business days before the event.
  • When requesting live captions, send reference materials that will be used during the event, such as slide decks, to
  • If you plan to edit the webcast replay, wait to request a post-event transcript or caption file until after the Live event. Make any edits first and republish the event replay in the On-Demand Studio, then submit a request. This ensures that the transcript matches the final event audio and the caption file is in sync.

To request captioning and transcription services:

During the Live event

If you requested live captioning, the captioner will join the event 30 minutes before the scheduled start time and send a welcome message in the Live Captions tab. This is your confirmation that the captioner has joined and is ready for the event.

After the event

If you requested timed captions, you must upload the caption file to your replay, On-Demand, or Simulated Live event. To learn how, see Add captions to a recorded event.