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Get assistance setting up and running your event

Ensure your next event runs flawlessly, from start to finish. Our experienced event producers can handle every aspect of your event including setup (we'll create the event for you), presenter training, testing, player design and on-site video capture.

Note: Depending on your plan, this is called Full Service Event Management, Premium Assist, or Managed Services Webcasting. At least one week advanced notice is required. If your event is within 48 hours, a rush charge may apply.

Services provided

With fully-managed event services, a dedicated event producer guides you through all the setup and production stages to prepare for your event. This includes:

  • A kick-off meeting with presenters and stakeholders and follow-up milestone meetings, as needed
  • Event setup, branding, and customization
  • Custom event page with registration and in-event player design and setup
  • Design and distribution of registration confirmation emails and reminders
  • Security settings
  • Presenter training, including a hands-on demonstration of our Live Studio

On the day of the event, a professional live event producer runs the event for you. For more information, see Get assistance running your event.

Request assistance for your event

Contact Support or your sales representative or complete the online request form linked in your welcome email (if included).