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Participant list report

Included in the base price of the conference.

When participants dial in to a conference, you can capture up to 2 pieces of information per participant and receive a summary of all information captured in a participant list report after the event. You can capture participant names, company names, regions, etc. In addition, you can capture the phone number the participant dialed from, the time the participant connected, and the time they disconnected.

Note: You can't capture participant email addresses.

For Greeted Entry conferences, an operator greets the participants and transcribes their information before placing them into the conference.

For Passcode Entry conferences, an automated system prompts participants for their names and additional information and then places them into the conference. The recorded information is then transcribed by an operator.

For conferences with Click to Join, participants enter their information when they join the conference.

Delivery time and format

The participant list report is available within 1 business day as an Excel file.