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Webcast 5.6.5 Release Notes

Released: November 24, 2021

This release introduces four new landing page layouts, increases the video bridge capacity to 20, and offers a bulk registration add-on. These release notes also highlight other recent changes and improvements.

New features and updates

Webcast Admin portal and event setup 

  • Video bridge events now support 20 presenters – up from our previous limit of 15.
  • Registration layouts. Box layouts (Event > Player & Branding > Advanced Branding) are no longer available or supported for new events. If you previously created an event that uses a box layout, you can continue to use the layout. However, if you switch to a different registration layout, you won’t be able to change back to the box layout.
  • Bulk attendee registration for events. Available as an add-on to any license. You can register hundreds or thousands of attendees for an event at one time. Set up your registration form, then upload a spreadsheet with columns for attendee names, email addresses, and answers to other registration questions on the registration form. Please reach out to your account representative for additional information.
  • Colombia phone numbers are now 10 digits in accordance with the Colombia’s new fixed numbering plan. The prefix 60 is added to the 1-digit area code; for example, area code 1 (Bogota) becomes 601.
    • International numbers for Bogota: +57 601 XXX XXXX
    • Local numbers for Bogota 601 XXX XXXX

Open landing (registration) page layouts

  • Four new “open look” registration layouts are available. Highlights of the new layouts:
    • Open Sans font provides a fresh look.
    • The event title and date are included in the overall page design.
    • The background image and background color extends behind the event title and date.

      As with bar layouts, on the registration page the background image doesn't display behind a transparent banner; only the background color does. For a full-page image, you can hide the banner by not uploading logos. The following example shows an event with the Side-by-Side with Left Registration layout without a banner.


    • The registration form can be displayed on the left or right side of the page. (The registration form is always on the right in the 2-column bar layout.)
    • The event title and date can be displayed above the landing page content area and registration form or with the landing page text, as a two-column layout.
  • To try the layouts, create a new event or edit an existing one. Then, on the Player & Branding tab, open the Advanced Branding section and select an Open Layout.


    The following examples show the other three layouts: Title Top Left and Right Registration and Side-by-Side with Right Registration. 


Bug fixes

  • Event setup. Registration tab > Social Sharing. The Tweet icon for Twitter was cut off; it now displays correctly on event registration pages.
  • Live Studio. Video bridge. Fixed an edge case with presenter pinning while in Filmstrip layout.