Update a professional services request (Essential, Professional, and Enterprise plans)

If you requested additional features, event management services, or transcription services, you can request updates and change to the services booked with the Professional Services Request site.

Before you begin

Make a note of the client ID found in your welcome email and the event ID for the event you want to update found in your new webcast confirmation email. You'll need this information to complete your request.

To update a professional services request:

  1. Go to the Professional Services Request site and under Update a Request, click Update Now.

    Professional Services Request site shows the Update A Request section

  2. On the Update an Existing Request page, in the Event Details section, select Urgent Update if your event is scheduled within 24 hours.
  3. Enter the name, email, and company of the person who manages the logins for the account, and the client ID for the account.
  4. Enter the event ID and the new event date and time, if changing.
  5. In the Requested Event Updates box, enter the changes you'd like to make to your original request and click Submit.

After you submit your request, an event production manager will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the event details.

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