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How do I set up a Certification Exam (CE)?

To set up a Certification Exam, you need to turn this setting on for your event. On the Event Settings page, click Manage Surveys to open the survey management window. Then click the Event Properties button in the top right, check Enable Certificates and Enable Certification Exam below. Next, you will need to give the certificate a name and upload a PDF template for the certificate to be generated by the system and presented to viewers upon passing your exam. A sample template is available for download as an example. When a user passes your exam, they will be sent an email to download their customized certificate.

Please note that First and Last Name fields MUST BE SET TO REQUIRED in the event's registration form for certificates to display the viewer's name properly on his/her certificate.

Once the Certification Exam is enabled, you can set any In-EventAttendance, or Post-Event Survey as part of your exam by checking "This Survey is a requirement for Certification" when creating a new survey or click Edit Survey Settings to change this setting on existing surveys.  The Certificate Exam should be set up before adding surveys to your event.