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How do I customize my registration page text?

By default, your Landing Page Content contains the name of your event, the date and time it begins and an Add to My Calendar button.

To customize this information, go to the Registration Options page and open up the Landing Page Content section. Select the Custom option to make changes to your registration page. If available, use the Title Bar Text and Date Bar Text fields to customize the information that will appear at the top of the audience link.

Landing Page Content section shows the default text for the Title and Date bars, and the Landing Text option is set to Default

Use the What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) Editor to format text, add images and modify the HTML code directly. Roll your mouse over each tool icon for function information.

Landing Text set to Custom shows the text editor with default auto-fields

You can use the following automated fields to include event details in your custom Landing Page Content. If you update these event details on the Event Settings page, they will be automatically updated on your Landing Page. Use:

  • __TITLE__ for event name
  • __DATE__ for event date and time
  • __DURATION__ for event scheduled duration on a live event
  • __REMINDER__ for the URL of the Calendar Reminder
  • __REMINDERBUTTON__ for the styled Add to Calendar button for the Calendar Reminder
  • __REMINDER1__ for the URL of the first custom Calendar Reminder (numbering will change for each custom calendar reminder created)
  • __REMINDERBUTTON1__ for the styled Add to Calendar button for the first custom Calendar Reminder (numbering will change for each custom calendar reminder created)

If you create custom calendar reminders, refer to the Auto Field name under Add In Fields to add custom calendar reminders to your landing page.

Please note that Auto Fields are case-sensitive and require all capital letters to be used. Auto Fields also require two underscores (Ex. _) on each side of the field name. If Auto Fields are not displaying correctly, please check this formatting.