Set up an event in another language

Language templates contain many common text elements translated from English to other languages. If you're hosting an event in another language, we can assign a language template to a specific folder in your account. When you create new events in the folder, the template automatically translates the text on the registration page and the audience event window to that language.

Note: Only new events created in the language template folder are translated. Events moved into the folder from another folder are not translated.

Language Template Folders within company folder

To have language templates set up for your account, contact Support.

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Translated elements

The following table shows the elements that are translated on the registration page and audience event window.


Page Elements translated
Registration page Landing page labels
Login form fields
Meeting Room View page
Registration form fields
Event window Audience Chat tab
Event Resources tab
Q&A tab
Slides tab
Video player
Welcome message

Available languages

You can request templates in the following languages:


The following examples show an event created within a folder with a Spanish language template. Notice that the Add to Calendar button, registration fields, buttons, and tabs and other text on the event window are in Spanish.
Attendee registration page with Spanish labels and buttons

Attendee player page with Spanish labels and buttons

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