Add events to a portal

With a portal, viewers can register one time and attend any of the events on the portal. After you select a portal layout, start adding events (segments) to your portal from the Manage Segments tab. You can include Live, Simulated Live, and On-Demand (replay) events and include a description for each event you add.

Note: An event can be linked to only one portal at a time. If you want to add an event that is used on another portal, go to that portal and remove the event first.

To add events to a portal:

  1. Sign in to the Webcast Admin portal and edit the portal.
  2. On the left panel, click the Manage Segments tab.
  3. At the top right of the tab, click Add Segments.

    The page lists events that are not linked to other portals. 

  4. Select the events you want to include and then click Select Events and Folders.

    Home folder and events selected

    The selected events display on the Manage Segments tab under Linked Segments.

    Linked Segments section shows a list of events linked to the portal

  5. Click the Edit button next to an event to add a description. The description displays under the title of the event on the portal. After adding a description, click Save Changes.

    Segment Details section shows the editor with the event description

  6. Click Save and Continue to save the events to the portal.

Once you've added events, you can sort them into categories and hide or restrict access to them.

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